About Us

Who we are

LearningSolutions provides self-assessment tools and Business Games in order to help find out the accurate and correct diagnosis of personal skills.

The results of our tools help each person to identify or confirm both his strengths and weaknesses, in order to identify and develop the exact skill he is being need of.

What we offer

Personal Profile Analysis

This test is designed to give you information about how someone is likely to perform under pressure, how they modify their behavior in their current job, and any frustrations or problems they may be experiencing.

Active Hearing

Active listening in very simple words means that we listen carefully to our interlocutor. It presupposes, however, a much more complex and difficult process than one initially imagines. Some even describe it as art.

Leadership Style

Understanding your personal Leadership style is the first big step to developing your Leadership skills and becoming a better manager, supervisor or leader of a small or large team.

Conflict Style

A critical competency for today’s working professionals is to understand that we each have our own way of dealing with conflict. There are five major styles of conflict management: collaborating, competing, avoiding, accommodating and compromising.

Learning Experience Platform (LXP) 

We develop self-paced training platforms based on the latest technology and our educational know-how.